The Great Pirate Plot

Acclaimed children’s author and artist in residence, Faye Hanson, welcomed families into the immersive StoryWorld for her fantastic story, The Great Pirate Plot, on Saturday 24 June for WRITE Festival.


Faye was fascinated by the broad subject of pirates, the costumes they wore and the adventures they had. So much so, she began imagining pirate ships having a race, competing against one another for a grand prize and two small children having the upper hand against the adults.

That was only the beginning of The Great Pirate Plot. To create the illustrations, Faye used soft pencils, then applied more colour digitally using Photoshop, sharpening each point. Each illustration is so detailed it took up to four months to create one image.

She said “StoryWorld is an amazing resource, the sound adds texture to the experience and as a storyteller, it makes the story come alive.”