Becci Sharrock @ The Word

Letters to Myself

Have you ever wanted to write a letter to your past, present or future self?

Throughout WRITE Festival everyone who visited The Word had the opportunity to do just that as Becci Sharrock, writer and theatre-maker was handing out letter writing kits to those who wanted to share their stories and experiences.

The letter could be as long or as short as desired and cover any theme that felt relevant. Whether that was a piece of advice for their younger, less wiser self or hopes and dreams for their future.

An introduction to playwriting

Writer and theatre-maker Becci Sharrock introduced a variety of people to the world of playwriting on Friday 23 June 2017 in celebration of WRITE Festival.

To encourage the group to create a character, Becci placed items of clothing in the middle of a table for the audience to choose from and be inspired. The items ranged from cheetah print to colourful patterns.

To help develop their character further Becci handed the budding writers a selection of character questions for them to answer, ranging from the school the character went to, to what makes the character cry. She said “Stereotypes are a good starting point but it can be easy to fall into them.”

Becci asked the group if they could think of a character trait that would contradict the character’s stereotype that would make them stand out.

Throughout the session Becci challenged the audience with a range of tasks that helped them analyse character, plot and dialogue. She said when it comes to dialogue “with very little, you can get a lot across.”

Everyone left the session having written the start of a play, whether that was something they would like to develop further, we’ll have to wait and see.