The Hive Exhibition


Suitable for all ages

This new exhibition The Hive is inspired by the Kick-Off project and ideas developed by artists YARA + DAVINA. The exhibition explores conversations with northern women through football analogies, bringing together content which highlights amazing northern women, as well as contemporary conversations had by local women about goals and ambitions.

For the exhibition, WHiST (Women’s Health in South Tyneside) have worked together with poet and performer, Kate Fox, to explore northern identity from their perspective, inspired by the football analogies, exploring questions such as who do you want on your team? What are your goals? What is important to defend?

Key features of the exhibition:

  • Find out about the amazing northern women, inspired by those highlighted through the Kick-Off project and ‘Where There’s Muck There’s Bras’ created by Kate Fox
  • Listen to audio highlights of the conversations and questions discussed by the WHiST group and those involved in the Kick Off project
  • Pick your own football team – the players are made up of amazing northern women. Choose a player, find out more and create your own team!

Hexagon patterns are symbols which are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency and they are often found in collective constructions, such as honeycombs. Hexagon shapes have been used in the project to reflect the collectives/teams and ways of working together that make things better and more efficient.

The exhibition encourages us to think about who we want on our team and what we think is important to defend through the lens of many amazing women of the north –  past and present.

Part of our Season of Northern Conversations programme which celebrates our northern identities.

About the Kick Off Project

The Kick-Off project was devised by artists YARA + DAVINA working with two National Trust sites – Souter in Whitburn, South Tyneside and Osterley House and Park, London. It was a partnership project with Boldon Girls FC U16’s, Arts 4 Wellbeing and WHIST in South Tyneside & Brentwood Women’s FC and The Deaf Women of Ealing in London. The Kick-Off project with Souter has been taking place across the borough since 2020.

The project aimed to use sport and art to bring together a diverse group of women; including football players, artists and women who don’t necessarily have experience of either, to collaboratively work together. The two groups have worked with the visual and oral language around football through a range of activities to attach new meanings which reflect contemporary women’s concerns and passions. The project explored issues around female unity and collective action, exploring the devices used to create unity in football, such as the kit, the chants, the scarfs and the teams, players and fans. One outcome was the creation of a new all female football table created out of women nominated by the participants.

If you have a disability of any kind or you require special assistance, please contact us on 0191 427 1818.