Children’s Author Josh Lacey – The Viking Attack

£3 per person, booking required.

Suitable for all ages

Booking Required

Children’s author Josh Lacey will be joining us to discuss and read from his book The Viking Attack.

The book is a fun, accessible and well-researched historical fiction stories that teach the concept of there always being two sides to history. Perfect for fans of the Horrible History series.

£3 per person. Booking required.

Spaces need to be booked for both children and adults attending. Spaces are limited to one adult per child. 


Twins, Scarlett and Tom, are studying the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons at school and they have a homework project to do. When Tom’s struggling for inspiration, Grandad comes to the rescue with his time machine. Tom is catapulted onto a Viking long ship and it’s not long before he’s being told oral tales, fitted out with armour and weapons and is getting ready to attack a Saxon village.

But uh oh, his sister Scarlett has landed in a Saxon village, in a pile of pig poo to be exact. Things seems to be getting better when she befriends the young Alfred the Great, but watch out, Scarlett, there’s a Viking ship on its way.

About Josh Lacey

Josh Lacey is the author of many books for children including The Island of Thieves, The Dragonsitter and the Grk series. He has worked as a journalist and written one book for adults, God is Brazilian. His first book for children, A Dog Called Grk, was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award. Josh lives in London with his wife and daughters.

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