Brick Wonders


Suitable for all ages

Brick Wonders features recreations in LEGO® bricks of amazing sights from around the world. Beginning with the wonders of the ancient world, the exhibition also takes in modern, natural, and historic wonders from all seven continents. Brick Wonders takes visitors from an Egyptian pyramid to the Grand Canyon, to Old London Bridge and everyday marvels we forget to wonder at, such as broadcasting and the Internet.

There are lots of LEGO models featured in the exhibition, built of over 500,000 LEGO bricks! From tiny models to inspire building at home, to large mosaics and dioramas. Covering the whole globe and beyond, each wonder is built using only standard LEGO bricks and a good amount of imagination!

An installation of The Great Barrier Reef, is a highlight to the exhibition, complete with LEGO® brick recreations of everything from corals and sponges to sea turtles and reef-dwelling fish including blue tangs, angel fish and a ray. Use our under-the-sea themed props in this area and get some great selfies!

You can also get your photo in the space-themed area which features The International Space Station recreated in LEGO® bricks, plus an opportunity to take your photo in our space suit.

Step outside the exhibition space and head over to our Brick Workshop where you can get creative and build your own brick wonders using LEGO bricks. Children can also enjoy fun colouring activities in the children’s pod on Floor 2.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 14 April 2024.

FREE to enjoy!


Warren Elsmore is an artist in LEGO bricks and lifelong fan of LEGO, based in Edinburgh, U.K. He has been in love with the plastic brick since the age of four and is now heavily involved in the LEGO fan community. Since rediscovering his love of LEGO at the age of 24, Warren has never looked back.

After 15 years in a successful IT career, he moved to working full time with LEGO bricks in 2012 and now helps many companies to realize their own dreams in plastic.

Warrens’ first book, “Brick City” was released in over 21 countries to critical acclaim and since its’ release the models from the book have gone on tour in museums and galleries throughout the UK. As well as these, Warren also organizes a number of public LEGO events throughout the year. You can see more about both Warren and his brick masterpieces at

If you have a disability of any kind or you require special assistance, please contact us on 0191 427 1818.