Reportage Art Commission with Laura Fitton

About the project

In February 2020, artist Laura Fitton was commissioned to create an exhibition, which was due to run over summer, that represented life in South Tyneside through reportage drawing.

Laura drew a series of images that were created on location in various places across the borough, working with a range of people to illustrate different local stories.

However due to the coronavirus pandemic, the project was put on hold in mid-March.

Laura was able to do some further drawings over Zoom in October 2020 prior to entering the second lockdown.

The drawings showcase our local community prior to the pandemic and how things have changed since then.

We have now provided the below online gallery to view some of Laura’s drawings.

Watch our interview with Laura

A selection of drawings from February and March 2020

Bus ‘N’ Metro Scramble (4th – 7th March 2020)

Along The Coast (9th March 2020)

A Conversation at The Word (March 2020)

Ukulele Group (6th March 2020)

South Tyneside Jam-E Masjid (4th March 2020)

South Shields Market (6th March 2020)

The Steamboat (12th Feb 2020)

A Selection of drawings taken over Zoom from October 2020

The Word – limited reopening during October (19th October 2020)

The Word – limited reopening during October (13th October 2020)

Julia @ The Word (13th October 2020)

Video Tour of Sandhaven Beach (30th October 2020)

The COVID Support Hub @ The Word (13th October 2020)

The sanitising of computer stations @ The Word (October 2020)

About the artist

Laura Fitton is a reportage artist and educator based in London, working on projects around the UK to document everyday life in the 21st century.

Get involved in reportage drawing

Laura has created a guide to help you get started in creating your own reportage style drawings.