Jen Steven’s – Dialect Song Commission

In 2020, we commissioned local singer/songwriter Jen Stevens to write 3 new songs using the bank of dialect words that had been collected during our Lost Dialect exhibition from 2016-2018.

The commission, which is sponsored by the Northumbrian Word’s Project and supported by Arts Council England, aims to celebrate the North East dialect and used the vast library of words donated by the public and gathered by us. In total over 2,400 words and phrases were collected and turned into the Word Bank of Lost Dialects.

Jen has used the Word Bank of Lost Dialects to write 3 new songs.

*Photo by Jordan Embleton

Hadaway Ga’an Canny

‘Hadaway Ga’an Canny’ is the first out of Jen’s 3 songs and tells a story of life in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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I Will Fly

‘I Will Fly’ is the second of her 3 songs and Jen wanted to tackle current, ongoing issues in this song. Sadly, domestic and family abuse are on the rise, particularly through lockdown as tensions rise.

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Am Gan Yem

‘Am Gan Yem’ is the last of her 3 songs to be released and it’s a drinking song!

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