Vinyl Cutter

A vinyl cutter is a device that is used to cut vinyl into shapes.

In FabLab @ The Word we have the Roland Vinyl Cutter Camm-1 GS-24 which allows you to make whatever you wish with ease.

Vinyl cutters make it easy to create anything from heat-applied graphics which can be applied to t-shirts and other materials or you can create eye-catching vinyl for unique signage for your business or for your home!

Using the vinyl cutter

We run regular sessions for people who want to try out our vinyl cutter for personal and professional use (or even just those who want to try their hand at something new). For those wanting to make customised clothing, we have a t-shirt press to be used alongside the vinyl cutter.

The artwork and designs for the vinyl can come from hand-drawings or can be made digitally. In FabLab @ The Word we make use of digital programmes including Inkscape and Cut Studio.