Cracked! Secret Codes and Communication

9 February 2019 – 2 June 2019

Since the dawn of time, people have had secrets they wish to hide…and share. Cracked! Secret Codes and Communication was an exhibition that delved into the mysterious world of covert communications.

Visitors were taken on a journey, starting with the earliest examples of codes and ciphers, going on to look at methods of secret communication used during war times then exploring how modern technology uses code to allow us to communicate safely today.

The exhibition allowed visitors to try their hand at cracking a secret code using our Caesar Wheel, communicate a message to your friends using Flag Semaphore at our very own Code Station, and discover the ciphers and codes that have remained unsolved for years and are still a mystery to even the sharpest of cryptologists! There was also a chance to see a replica Enigma machine, a Commodore 64 and a Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

When the Bugle Calls

A touring exhibition from the Durham Light Infantry Collection

Cracked! Secret Codes and Communication was on show alongside When The Bugle Calls. This touring exhibition allowed visitors to discover the story of the Durham Light Infantry’s soldiers, bands and bugles featuring sounds, footage and objects from the DLI Collection.

It told the story of how both the British Army and individual soldiers used music to rally their regiments, keeping morale alive in dark and dangerous times.