A Stormy Sea

25 May 2017 – 18 February 2018

A stormy sea was an art installation we commissioned to link with our main exhibition at the time Shiver Me Timbers. The exhibition was a stunning and poetic light, film and music installation in our ground floor pod designed by artist Rachel Johnson.

Visitors would lose themselves in a storm as they entered the pod, there were TV screens displaying a range of contemporary dance movements performed by a variety of community groups, which were inspired by an original poem about the life of pirates.

The room was dressed in soft layers of fabric with light and sound that simulated a pirate ship at sea in a storm to make visitors feel like they were experiencing what it would be like to be tugged and lashed by a shuddering storm whilst hearing the lonely voice of the raging sea.

 About Rachel Johnson

Rachel is a North Shields born moving image artist, dance–theatre maker, dance-film workshop leader, Spin Art’s Artist and director of own company, Experiential. Social engagement is at the heart of her practice. She generates a relationship with her audience through including members of the community in her research, delivering creative and life changing workshops and producing immersive experiences.

She has delivered and managed over 36 creative, dance & film workshops to people aged 5- 67 and with schools, dance organizations, community organizations, Councils and organisations for those with more complex needs.