An Out-of-this-World Space Exhibition

The doors have closed on our Amazing Space exhibition and work has begun on our next free exhibition – Investigating Detectives. Amazing Space opened in June 2019 and welcomed many visitors from far and wide over its eight month span.

The exhibition celebrated 50 years since man first set foot on the moon and explored Space fact and fiction – taking visitors on a journey from planet Earth, the solar system and beyond, through to TV shows, music and movies inspired by Space.

Visitors could watch a video about life as an astronaut at our Command Module and discover the good, the bad and the occasionally unpleasant parts of being an astronaut in Space. They could also replicate the photograph taken on the first Moon landing in our astronaut’s spacesuit.

We also had costumes from Star Trek and Star Wars on display, along with an original edition of the Washington Post newspaper dated the day after the 1969 Moon landing, signed by legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin himself.

There were some great activities for children including iPad games, a jigsaw puzzle and a hugely popular Space trail around the building. Throughout the time of the exhibition we held a range of great Space-themed events for children, adults and families to enjoy, including a Space Takeover Day on the official anniversary, a talk about the Universe by Kielder Observatory, a performance of Luna: a play about the Moon by Roustabout Theatre, plus so much more.

If you visited our exhibition or attended one of our Space events, we hope you had a great time and look forward to what’s to come in our Investigating Detectives exhibition.

Helen Wales, Marketing & Communications