Poetry Slam

Performance poet Kate Fox hosted the Pro Poetry Demonstration Slam on Thursday 22 June which saw top poets from around the North show off their slam skills!

Jenni Pascoe, Kirsten Luckins, David Jarman, AJ McKenna, Sky Hawkins and Steve Urwin took to the stage to perform their poems. Some were outrageous, some were funny and some were straight out controversial but each showed their personal style and passion.

Kate started the poetry ball rolling by performing a ‘sacrificial lamb poem’ after selecting three audience members as judges for the Pro Poetry Demonstration.

The judges were told they had to choose a winner based on whether they thought that the professional poets could make Donald Trump take up poetry. After hearing poems about politics, sexuality and personal stories, the winner was Steve Urwin who won them over with his awkward silence and rant about men.

After their performance the professional poets could finally relax, but not for long, as 13 amateurs stepped up to perform some of their material for them to judge.

For some, it was their first open slam, for others it was an opportunity to share their stories. Each one was unique and highly entertaining, which made it hard for the professional poets to choose a winner.

So, the top two amateur poets went head to head for an audience cheer off. The winner was Richard Boggie with his heart-warming poem about a family member losing their way.

As Kate says “the points aren’t the point, the poetry is the point.”