Mark Billingham and Chris Brookmyre are Indiscreet

On Friday 23 June, Mark Billingham and Chris Brookmyre came to The Word with their ‘indiscreet’ show and those who attended were in for an evening full of laughter.

The duo began by discussing their books and the inspirations behind them – Chris took the audience on a journey into hacking while Mark discussed a brutal murder that happened in 2006. Both authors then read extracts from their latest novels to the audience.

Mark and Chris then went on to, in their words, ‘lower the tone’ and discussed the weird and wonderful world of being a writer – heckling, the public, fan-mail and the publishers.

Mark began by giving some hilarious examples of heckles he had received/witnessed over the years which was then followed by Chris performing a football-style chant about other Scottish authors. By this point the atrium was already brimming with laughter.

Then came the comedic anecdotes including when Chris had to explain what fiction meant to an audience member at a book signing in Glasgow and the incident on the train when a novelist they knew told the person sitting opposite them that they were the author of the book they were currently reading and received a response they didn’t want to hear.

They then read out some of the highly entertaining letters of complaint they had been sent over the years, mainly about the use of bad language in their novels, and then finished by telling a very interesting story about a chicken.

It was a hilarious and engaging evening for everyone there and the pair finished with a Q&A session and book signing for their fans to get involved. The duo were interactive and entertaining and a great addition to our WRITE Festival 2017.