Jobling – The Musical

As part of WRITE Festival, Jobling – The Musical previewed on Saturday  24 June at The Word. This was a script-in-hand performance with accompaniment from the Westoe Brass Band.

About Jobling

Jobling is based on events surrounding the gibbeting of William Jobling, Jarrow Pitman and the last man gibbeted in the north, in 1832.

He was tried and hanged at Durham, then gibbeted on Jarrow Slake for his part in the murder of South Shields magistrate Nicholas Fairles. His wife, Isabella, watched from their home near Jarrow Slake.

The action starts on Binding Day 1831; the day when the pit owner expected miners to sign their annual bonds, thereby accepting their conditions and committing them to work at that that pit for a year and a day. It moves between the North-East of England and London: from the 1831 Binding Strike, a year after the birth of the Northern Union of Pitmen, led by Tommy Hepburn, to the gibbeting of Jobling in August 1832.

About Westoe Brass Band

Westoe Brass Band is based in South Shields, and was originally known as the Harton Colliery Band. The band today consists of around 30 members from a wide range of different backgrounds across the North East of England. The band performs regularly throughout the year at a variety of engagements, including the Catherine Cookson Parade and the South Shields Amphitheatre, as well as its annual charity concert at the Customs House in October.

The band as we know it today was formed in 1911 after apparently adopting the players of the Tyne Dock Temperance Band to fulfil the needs for a band at the Harton Colliery in South Shields. Just eight years later they were to win the British Open Contest, being the first colliery band and the first band from the North of England to do so.

They will be heading to Cheltenham in September as finalists, once again, in The National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.


Book and Lyrics: Tom Kelly

Music & Lyrics: Steve Thompson

With Westoe Brass Band

Musical Director & Arranger: Lee Morris

Performance Directed by Jonathan Cash