Breakfast with Celia Bryce: Writing for magazines

The Word and its visitors were in for a treat when Celia Bryce came for breakfast during WRITE Festival!

On Thursday 22 June, Celia sat down with a sold out room of attendees and talked all about the fundamentals of writing for magazines as well as giving advice on what magazines look for in their stories and how to get published.

She started by asking everyone what their interest in writing entailed – some were freelance writers, some wanting to get back into writing, some saying they ‘just needed a kick’. Celia then introduced herself and discussed how she began writing for magazines (which all started from her winning a writing competition). Her personable approach and the intimate setting  worked hand-in-hand in delivering an unmissable event.

The main piece of advice she gave to the attendees was  that the ‘name of the game’ in writing for magazines is that you get more rejections than you get successes. Celia read out some examples of her rejection letters to showcase the importance of the plot to a story – most of the letters focused on the need for ‘a strong plot’.

Celia then went on to discuss some of the most important elements in writing for magazines, ranging from knowing the readership to the dialogue. The attendees were given the chance to look into the standard framework and the development of a story, understanding that most magazines look for a ‘hopeful’ ending.

The workshop managed to captivate the attendees and provided an insightful session to the budding  writers.