Word Bank of Lost Dialects


A celebration of the thousands of North East dialect words donated during The Word’s original Lost Dialects exhibition, Word Bank of Lost Dialects is an exhibition by artists Jane Glennie and Robert Good which invites you to experience the donated words.

The Word Bank of Lost Dialects contains around 2,400 donations of ‘lost words’ from the North East. In this new exhibition, located in the Caer Urfa pod, you will be able to view the full Word Bank and take a rubbing of some of your most-loved Geordie words. You will be able to find out about the history of some of the most popular words donated (and some of the obscure) and vote for your favourites.

About Jane Glennie

Jane Glennie is an artist and typographic designer. She is found of Peculiarity Press and Publisher of A New Dictionary of Art.

Previous projects include an installation at South Hill Park Arts Centre with over 2,000 recorded visitor interactions, an archive-inspired project for International Women’s Day and a London 2012 Inspire Mark project with Slough Museum. Her poetry films have been selected for international festivals including USA, Germany, Ireland and Singapore.


About Robert Good

Robert Good is an artist specialising in words, text and meaning, frequently working with large volumes of data to explore their underlying rhythms, characteristics and quirks. Texts are like tubes of paint, to squeeze out and create with.

He has previously worked with over 3000 definitions of art, 500 Northumberland placenames and a large scale text installation at Skinningrove Mining Museum. His book A New Dictionary of Art is currently stocked at Tate Modern, BALTIC, and galleries across the UK.



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