True Stories Competition

Free to enter

Everyone knows that many of the best stories we’ve ever heard or read happen to be true. Indeed they’re often so amazing that if they had been fiction, we’d say to ourselves, ‘Oh no, that would never happen in real life! But they do – and for the first Write Festival, we’d like to hear your True Stories for our fantastic competition.

Stories should be no longer than 500 words but there are no restrictions on where your creative mind can go, apart from the obvious fact that the events described really happened once upon a time.

They might be tales of the sea or the docks, the mine or the factory. They might be stories of families, love or war; of crime, friendship, ghosts or weird coincidence. And they should all make the reader or listener exclaim, ‘By, that’s a cracking story!”

All submissions will be read by playwright, screenwriter and author Michael Chaplin. He will then select 10 people to be invited to a seminar at which he will provide feedback and advice to shape and polish each story. It promises to be a uniquely valuable learning experience.

A lucky few will have their stories read at the main event during the Festival and Michael Chaplin will lead a discussion involving the writers and the audience.

Entries must be sent to by May 31 2017 and it’s FREE to enter.

If you have a disability of any kind or you require special assistance, please contact us on 0191 427 1818.