New writing read through performances

Pay what you like

Over 25’s category.

Following a competition to find new writing talent by The Customs House, the two shortlisted writers will have their plays performed by professional actors at this rehearsed reading during WRITE Festival.

To attend the read through performances, you must book a place in advance. There is no fee to book but you can pay what you feel at the end of the performances.

You can also attend the read through performances for the under 25’s category at The Customs House on Thursday 24 May at 6.30pm. The find out more about these please visit The Custom’s House website.

About the plays

This Bit in the Middle

by Sian Ross

A family is in disarray after the death of their brother and son Phoenix in a car accident. Each person left behind is tormented by a different kind of guilt but it isn’t until a strange girl comes into their home – the recipient of Phoenix’s donated heart – when truths begin to come out behind the reason for each person’s guilt.

Peggy Pearpot

By Danielle Burn. For ages 3-6 years

Peggy Pearpot explores the world inside a tear drop, or two, or maybe three. All tear drops belong to Peggy Pearpot. Peggy just can’t stop crying! She cries when she is sad, frustrated, worried, angry, annoyed, and happy. Peggy is confused and frustrated that she can’t communicate her feelings clearly to her parents, teachers or even her friends; she is beginning to get fed up. One night, whilst examining one of her tear drops and wondering what these blobs of water really are, she is transported inside one of her very own tears by Sniffle, the keeper of all the tears on earth. What sort of world is hidden inside a tear drop? Are all tears the same? Who lives inside a tear drop? Can the characters she meets help Peggy understand how to communicate her feelings and help her?


This event is part of The Word’s WRITE Festival which takes place between 12 – 25 May 2018.

The Festival is jam-packed with events and workshops for people of all ages to enjoy. Find out more by viewing our full WRITE Festival programme.

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