How women won the vote


This FREE exhibition celebrates the centenary anniversary of (some) women getting the right to vote.

Learn about women’s suffrage and gain insight into the suffragette’s struggle to ensure that women had the same rights as men.

Find out all about the women who drove the movement for suffrage, how they were imprisoned, force fed and beaten, as well as discovering the North East’s history of women’s suffrage and women in politics.

The exhibition includes clips and songs from both Mary Poppins (1964) and Suffragette (2015).

You will also be given the chance to submit your vote for who you thought was the most influential woman from the exhibition in our very own ballot box!

We would like to thank Catrin Galt, Community Librarian, Family History and Heritage; Canny Craic Theatre Co.; WHIST (Women’s Health in South Tyneside) and Sheridan Design for their help towards this exhibition.

If you have a disability of any kind or you require special assistance, please contact us on 0191 427 1818.

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