An audience with Quentin Bates

£2 per person

Enjoy an evening with crime author Quentin Bates as he joins us at The Word to discuss his latest novel ‘Cold Breath’, an Icelandic murder mystery and the sixth novel featuring Quentin’s protagonist, Sergeant Gunnhildur.

Quentin will be talking to the audience about his fantastic career so far as well as his latest novel. The audience will then be able to ask him questions about his writing.

About Quentin Bates

Quentin Bates is the co-founder of the crime writing festival Iceland Noir with Yrsa Sigurdardottir and Ragnar Jonasson. He is one of the very few British authors who is writing Scandi Noir set in Iceland and who has a deep understanding of the place. He has been married to an Icelandic woman for 30 years and has spent nearly a decade living there. As someone who speaks the language and understands a lot of the subtext of what goes on there, he is more than qualified to write about Iceland.

Quentin’s debut novel, Frozen Out was a powerful novel that wove environmental concerns, anonymous scandal blogging, and the financial crisis into a murder mystery in small-town Iceland and was described as ‘a great read’ by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Cold Breath is the sixth novel featuring Quentin’s protagonist, Sergeant Gunnhildur and the series of novels she features in have their origins in a deep affection for Iceland and its people, and an intimate knowledge of Icelandic society and its language, customs and quirks.

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