FabLab in Action

What a difference a year makes! This time last year there was a big empty space on the second floor of The Word and now, it seems like the FabLab has been there forever!

What is a FabLab I hear you say? Well, it’s a cool space which has 3D printers, laser cutters and vinyl cutters and it’s yours to use! Our aim is to spread the word about FabLab so that everybody knows about the fabulous resource which is here for you!

There are only a handful of FabLabs in the UK (10 in total) and we are lucky enough to have one here. We describe it as somewhere that you can digitally design something and then see it manufactured. You could use it for your business, as a hobby, or even if you just want to try something new. It isn’t difficult and our team are here to help you all the way.

Why don’t you come to one of our free “What is a FabLab?” sessions, or sign up our Learn How To workshops? After you’ve attended one, you’ll then be able to drop in and use the facilities yourself.

Over the past year, people have used the FabLab to make a variety of things from vases to key-rings, chess pieces to jewelry and bookmarks to wall art. If you’re creative – that’s great! If you’re not – don’t worry as you don’t have to be! You can just come along and try something different.

Since opening, we have run close to 200 workshops all together! Over 320 people have attended the 128 adult sessions we have run and 752 children have come along to the 54 kids’ sessions.  We also now have over 80 people who are trained to use the equipment themselves! We hope these numbers only continue to grow and the facility gains even more popularity as we head into our second year.

As part of our birthday celebrations we are having an open day on Saturday 21 October from 10-2pm so why not pop in, see what we do and maybe take away something unique away with you.

FabLab Team